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Dress Code

Girls     Hair should be in a bun for ballet classes and pulled back for all other classes!! 

    • Ballet/ Pointe: Pink tights, black leotard, pink canvas ballet shoes (leather shoes for  3-7 years old) or pointe shoes. Ballet skirts are allowed, no pants or shorts allowed. 

    • Jazz/Hip-Hop/Tap: Tan tights, solid colored leotard, dance pants and dance shorts are allowed over the tights. Tan Jazz shoes (prefer the ones that do not tie), black hip-hop dance sneakers, tan velcro buckle tap shoes for ages 3-7 and Tan Oxford Tap shoes for leveled tap classes.    

    • Lyrical: Black leotard, tan footless tights, tan half shoes or bare feet.

    • Acro: Any color leotard, tan tights, no shoes (no skirts allowed because they are tumbling)

    • For all combination classes the dancers will need to wear  any colored leotard, tan tights and all shoes required for the style of dance they are taking (see above).

    • Musical Theater: Any color leotard, tights, dance pants and tan jazz shoes.  

Boys:  Wear black dance pants, a white t-shirt and black dance shoes that are required for the style of dance. 


Age 3-7 Leotard with a skirt.  Choose any color you love.

Age 3-7 Leotard with removable skirt

Girls  Leotard

Girls Leotard

Girls Leotard

Girls Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Girls Tan Velcro Tap Shoes

Girls Tan Jazz Shoes

Girls Black Hip-Hop Sneakers

Girls Pink Ballet Tights

Girls Tan Tights

Girls Hip-Hop Pants



Women's Black Leotard

Women's Black Leotard

Women's Black Leotard

Women's Pink Tights

Women's Tan Tights

Womens Canvas Ballet Shoes

Womens Tan Jazz Shoes

Lyrical Half Shoes (not required, dancer preference)

Women's Hip-Hop Sneakers

Women's Hip-Hop Pants

Tan Oxford Tap Shoes (Female & Male)

Block Tan Oxford Tap Shoes (Female & Male)

BOYS Black Dance Pants

BOYS White T-Shirt

BOYS Hip-Hop Pants

BOYS Black Ballet Shoes

BOYS Hip-Hop Sneakers

BOYS Black Jazz Shoes

Young Dance Students

Our Clients

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